ibarionex Perello — Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood Alumni, Photographer/Writer

I think the year was 1975 or 1976 and my father worked at a print shop on Western Avenue. One day, he saw a kid walking down the street and he asked him where he was coming from. The boy told him the Boys Club of Hollywood any my dad signed up me and my three brothers as members.

I was a member at the old location near St. Andrews Place and DeLongpre Avenue. It was an amazing facility for me as there was so much there. There was the game room, library, gym, pool and the arts and crafts room. There was so much to choose from. It wasn’t a place to be bored. I felt more comfortable with my peers there than I felt at school and my relationships with the counselors were invaluable in my growing up. Mike Cohen who was responsible for the library introduced me to photography and changed my life.